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Sunday, September 03, 2006

View of South Bay Beaches from Palos Verdes

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  • Sylvia has this thing about heights but I got her to pose for these :) Thanks Sylvia! Now that wasn't so bad was it?

    By Blogger willemina, at Sun Sep 03, 08:51:00 PM PDT  

  • nah, especially since i didn't roll down the hill. lol good pics. i loved the view and the homes in palos verdes.

    angju = angel you or to better translate, you angel

    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Sun Sep 03, 09:30:00 PM PDT  

  • Alright, it's late and I am about to pop into bed, but I had to check back in one last time!!!
    The pics are, of course, more lovely than words can tell. The view, the ladies, the fun being had by one and all.

    Thanks Willy for taking the time to post these before calling it a day. You are true blue, my friend.
    Buenas noches :)

    By Blogger Belizegial, at Sun Sep 03, 09:56:00 PM PDT  

  • I too must say "thanks" Willy for posting the pics!! You both look so great!! What fun!!! :) I am so happy....beautiful scenery...WOW!!


    By Blogger Pennys from Heaven, at Mon Sep 04, 07:02:00 AM PDT  

  • Hostess with the Mostest -:)
    (Thanks Enid :-))
    Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!
    Passed along with your great picture stories,

    By Blogger droma, at Mon Sep 04, 01:13:00 PM PDT  

  • Willy, these are just fantabulous photos! I'm sorry I won't be coming in Sept, but something even greater came along - will tell you about it some day. However, in the short term, I have a brunch date with a man from West Vancouver (a very posh area of Van) at a lovely place on the river. He suggested we then go for a walk in the park nearby. Hmmm...haven't met him in person yet, but have chatted a few times on the phone. No vibes but who knows? Wish me luck. :)
    Typing test: qtfcj = cute fella can jive lol

    By Blogger leslie, at Mon Sep 04, 02:42:00 PM PDT  

  • hi willy,

    love the music. excellent song choice--"that's what friends are for" by dionne warrick.

    that's the next thing i'm going to do after you finish posting pics on my blogsite.

    don't forget to send me the instructions for uploading the music. also, would you send instructions for posting pics too?

    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Mon Sep 04, 03:07:00 PM PDT  

  • hi willy,

    i started to tell how your family used to take drives thru palos verdes.

    that would have been ok about taking the picture. it would have been funny, especially since i was laughing so hard.

    sdddnefp = sadness evaporated, friends partied

    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Tue Sep 05, 07:30:00 PM PDT  

  • hi willy,

    as i just finished reading your comments on my blog regarding the pics and our travels this past weekend, i was thinking if you ever wanted another job, you'd make a good tour guide. you know not only your personal experiences history, but you know a lot of history regarding places in california. i guess that comes from being a "california girl." i wish we all could be california girls. remember that song?


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Tue Sep 05, 07:58:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi All and thanks for the kind comments! So glad you enjoyed the pics...
    Leslie, what can be better than a trip to California??? Just kidding :) Can't wait to hear all about it and don't forget to take pictures!

    Sylvia...a tour that sounds like fun :)

    By Blogger willemina, at Tue Sep 05, 09:02:00 PM PDT  

  • Enid, Peg and Ellen...
    Come on out to California sometime...
    I really mean it!

    By Blogger willemina, at Tue Sep 05, 09:03:00 PM PDT  

  • Willy! You beat me to it! I just this morning asked my daughter to upload a song on my blog and she will. But first I have to get the cd. I'm going to have her put "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson on. I love the words as it's just how I'm feeling lately. Give me some time and check in later - hopefully by tonight it'll be on.
    OH MAN! iqbiqobd I think? Ichabod Ichabod Ichabod

    By Blogger leslie, at Wed Sep 06, 11:22:00 AM PDT  

  • OK Gals...we will have great scenery to enjoy and Tremendous company...What better way to spend vacation time!! I am certainly going to consider it down the road. I am saving my Pennys already....I have a California Jar started!!!

    Later all

    By Blogger Pennys from Heaven, at Wed Sep 06, 03:45:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi Leslie...
    I just sent you an e-mail with directions to post music on your blog courtesy from Joanne (Enid's lovely daughter)

    Ok Peg!
    Start saving those pennies and I will too so we can have some fun!
    Hey...let's all go to Disneyland too! You'll need lots of pennies for that...better save some nickels, dimes and quarters too :)

    By Blogger willemina, at Wed Sep 06, 04:06:00 PM PDT  

  • a california jar sounds like a good start.

    willy, thanx re the pic of karyce. the more i looked at it, the more i thought "nah." there'll be others though. will check back later.


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Wed Sep 06, 05:05:00 PM PDT  

  • Hello Willy, I will have to take a picture of my "Jar". Disney is a great idea, I never did see Disney in Florida..we went to Seaworld in Orlando, and a zoo in West Palm Beach, a dinner theatre and fun things like that. So Disney would be fun, I know when I flew back from Florida in May a middle aged couple was on the plane in Disney attire, I asked them if they enjoyed it......OH YA...just the two of them and they had A GREAT time!! So sounds good........

    Lets all start planning.......I have to stick my feet in Salt Water once a year or I dehydrate. LOL.


    By Blogger Pennys from Heaven, at Wed Sep 06, 08:32:00 PM PDT  

  • the sky is as blue as the ocean.

    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Sat Sep 09, 09:20:00 PM PDT  

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