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Sunday, September 03, 2006

More fun in Redondo Beach

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  • Wow, Willy! I love these shots! It must have been really windy that day. You and Sylvia look like you're having a blast. I wish I could have been there...looks like it'll be the spring when I get down that way. Suzanne and I are now going to try to do a driving tour after she flies up to see some of my part of town. I can hardly wait, but there are other things to do in the meantime. You're so lucky you got to spend time with Sylvia - you both look so happy.
    Omigosh - a typing test again and it looks hard! Here goes nothing.

    By Blogger leslie, at Sun Sep 03, 08:15:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi Leslie!
    I was still posting pics when you replied here...
    No, It wasn't really windy...those waves were strong and almost knocked us down a few times and we got kinda wet but we did have a blast!
    Spring it is!!! Just let me know when and I'll be there...You and Suzanne have fun together and don't forget the camera :)

    By Blogger willemina, at Sun Sep 03, 08:43:00 PM PDT  

  • we had a blast on the beach. the waves were rolling in. they seemed to come in more and more until i was drenched almost up to my behind. lol i had to change my pants in the car. people were on their balconies, and hopefully no one was looking at me. i was laughing so hard at the very thought while changing.

    i do plan on returning since i didn't get to visit paso robles where willy lives. maybe spring i can hook up with suzanne, leslie, and you willy for my return visit. too soon to know right now, but i'll keep that in mind. that would really be fun.


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Sun Sep 03, 10:00:00 PM PDT  

  • the sunset is really beautiful.

    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Mon Sep 04, 12:42:00 AM PDT  

  • I can feel the laughter!! Now that is "LIVING"!!!! Beautiful sunset too!! Isn't it amazing how the ocean brings out the "spirit" in all of us!!


    By Blogger Pennys from Heaven, at Mon Sep 04, 07:16:00 AM PDT  

  • Sylvia and I laughed alot...
    I've always loved the ocean...when I lived in Colorado or other places...the mountains are beautiful but I always missed the ocean...the sounds of the waves are so soothing...very tranquil...I absolutely love being back in the state where I was born...I was born in downtown LA at USC Medical Center which was then LA County parents moved to Torrance when I was just 6 months old.

    By Blogger willemina, at Wed Sep 06, 04:25:00 PM PDT  

  • i wouldn't mind being here right now. when we went back to the beach at nite, that was so spectacular with the moonlight shining on the water.

    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Wed Sep 06, 06:56:00 PM PDT  

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