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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Paso Robles famous Clock Tower Bldg before the 6.5 San Simeon Quake of 2003

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  • Hi everyone...I was walking downtown today and have been thinking back to the day we had a devastating 6.5 earthquake here in Paso Robles. Two women were killed when the roof of the Clock Tower Bldg collapsed. This was only 2 blocks from my home. The memories of that day will always remind me of how precious life is.

    My word is ahaoye...reminds me of aloha oy

    Goodnight to all and God Bless

    By Blogger willemina, at Sun Jul 30, 08:24:00 PM PDT  

  • you are so right willy about life being precious. i remember last year, my daughter called me about 4am when they were having an earthquake. she was so shaken up. i can't even imagine feeling an earthquake, or even being in the midst of one. we never used to have tornadoes in this part of the states; now they seem to be quite common. you just never know...

    my word is vlshiocu.


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Mon Jul 31, 04:12:00 AM PDT  

  • Thanks for sharing the photos, Willy. I remember when we had an earthquake her around 1975 and I woke up with my head banging on the wall behind our bed. We sometimes get small tremors, but nothing like what California gets. If that building is only 2 blocks from your place, how did your place stand up?

    By Blogger leslie, at Mon Jul 31, 04:45:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi Leslie...
    The earthquake did some damage to my home...lots of cracks in the walls and my chimney fell from the roofline up. Inspectors came through the neighborhood and inspected the homes to make sure they were safe...National Geographic came through the neighborhood and took many pictures of the devastation...even of my home but I never knew if they were published. I do have some pictures and will post a couple maybe tomorrow (I have to locate them as they're not digital)
    my word: xhgyaiv...chinese maybe???

    By Blogger willemina, at Mon Jul 31, 09:42:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi Willy, just blogging around and thought I'd drop in and show you my most recent photo (taken today). Come on over and see what Robbie's been up to lately. LOL
    Oh God - dfkrwdnn - I think.

    By Blogger leslie, at Wed Aug 02, 07:04:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi Leslie,
    I like the new photo! I'll be right over :)

    By Blogger willemina, at Thu Aug 03, 07:13:00 PM PDT  

  • hi california blogger,

    counting down my days until lift- off next saturday. packing and rearing to go. i saw where you had a good concert with a lot of good stars. and here we are, back at the weekend again. big plans?

    i'm recooping a bit from the last camp field trip yesterday. this is the last week of camp coming up, and then i'm outta here.

    have a great weekend.

    my word is wbwwzp. i think that means "willy blogger, whaz up?"

    oops, it didn't go thru, and i thought that was a cute word. now the new word.

    xcpgc - excape california (that's what the "c" stands for)


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Sat Aug 05, 08:08:00 AM PDT  

  • Hi Willy,
    At they finally have the report of Hugo's death translated into English.
    I think a Canadian that has lived in Germany for 20 years does it for them.
    Have you read through any of their forum?

    You have a cute word quiz going on here with Leslie and Sylvia.
    You ladies are soooo clever!!!

    Nice day here, a cool 78*. Got some mowing in when I got home from work this AM.

    Have an awesome weekend, as I know you will!

    By Blogger droma, at Sat Aug 05, 08:41:00 AM PDT  

  • Hi Sylvia :)
    Hi Ellen :)

    Actually...I am so excited about today because two girlfriends of mine are coming for a visit today! They can only stay for the day because they have to be somewhere tomorrow morning...I'll talk about that later. But at least we'll have about 8 hours together to catch up on "old times" and I'm sure we'll stay in touch now.
    We all went to the same elementary school (K-8th) and the same high school. We lost touch when I married at 16 and moved away.

    I am having fun with our word game and Sylvia...that one was funny, thanks for a good laugh :0

    Thanks for the info on the storchenest Ellen...I'll try to read some of the forum this morning and that's very nice of the person who translates for the English speakers...I'm sure everyone appreciates it. I'm glad to hear that it's cooling down in Ohio. 78 degrees sounds great!
    I mowed my lawn after work yesterday...seems we're always mowing our and I :)

    I'm going to prepare some snacks for my friends...will check in tomorrow hopefully.

    Have a great weekend everyone :)

    my word: kuddet and I can't come up with anything clever...maybe kuddet the bloggette? I know, silly :)

    By Blogger willemina, at Sat Aug 05, 09:42:00 AM PDT  

  • i'm glad your visit was good with your friends yesterday. that is really something reuniting after all of these years.

    sometimes being silly is so much fun. it makes me laugh, and laughter is good for the heart and mind.

    happy shopping today. and you're in great company too!!! lol

    my word = wbegjwii
    even i can't think of a good meaning for this one.


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Sun Aug 06, 08:32:00 AM PDT  

  • Hi Sylvia
    I'm always being silly...keeps us young! silly willy...that's me :)

    I'll be going to the fair later this afternoon to do my shopping but first I'm meeting my daughter and grandaughters for a little shopping in town and lunch.

    Have a great Sunday...let's see...only 6 more sleeps until you get on that plane for California! How exciting is that? Soon you'll be holding your precious Karyce in your arms again! Just let me know which weekend you'll be coming up...any one works for me!
    Hugs to to ya soon

    ozhtp...can't think of anything clever this time :)

    By Blogger willemina, at Sun Aug 06, 10:51:00 AM PDT  

  • i didn't see the clock on leslie's blog. i probably didn't wait long enough for the page to complete download. however, i did see it here on your sight willy. now i want to do the same for my blog. will try later on tonite or in the morning when i'm more refreshed.

    tyauswd = tyrannasaurous weed


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Mon Aug 07, 07:58:00 PM PDT  

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