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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Linda and I just had dinner together at In N' Out about an hour ago

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  • Linda was passing through Paso Robles today...she called me but I was not at home. I was with my grandaughters at soccer practice. I called Linda as soon as I got her message and she was about 20 miles south...we decided to meet for dinner at In N'Out Burger in Atascadero, she would have to turn around and come north just a few miles. We pulled up into the parking lot at the same time! It was great seeing Linda again and she told me about the wonderful wedding this past weekend for her son and now daughter-in-law.
    Linda is going to stop in Santa Barbara tonight (2 hours south of here) and then on to Palm Springs tomorrow where she will be spending 2-3 weeks helping a friend recuperate from surgery. She may stop by again on her way back home...

    By Blogger willemina, at Tue Sep 19, 07:44:00 PM PDT  

  • hi willy, isn't it great to meet up with different friends? glad you and linda were able to coordinate the meet. i know you're been pretty busy lately so we'll chat.

    take care,

    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Tue Sep 19, 08:32:00 PM PDT  

  • You guys are SO lucky to be able to see each other so often! Looks like it was a beautiful sunny day, too. I'm glad the wedding went well and I hope Linda's friend recovers quickly.

    By Blogger leslie, at Tue Sep 19, 11:19:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi Willy

    Looks like you and Linda are having a great time!

    FYI I tried to add some Honolulu/Waikiki/Oahu and Maui Writers' photos on Neva's Blog if you are interested. Some require you to click on wishlist as well.

    Am still having trouble with blogger. Is there a limit?

    Going back to Oahu this coming Thursday and Friday and so......time is limited....


    By Blogger Neva, at Fri Sep 22, 08:16:00 PM PDT  

  • Hello Willemina!

    Nice pic of Linda and you at the In N'Out burger :)

    My cousin from Los Angeles is here visiting for the holidays and we have been out and about. No time to sit behind the 'puter lately lol

    Yesterday was a public and bank holiday (to commemorate our 25th anniversary of Independence) and there was a good measure of fireworks on the eve (20th night) and then a huge parade yesterday to get things going. Joanne had to participate in the formal portion of the parade along with all of her high school. When I get the photos scanned, I will place this on my blog for all to see.

    I got an invitation to my cousin's wedding to be held in Los Angeles on July 7, 2007. Since I have never been to LA, it will all be new for me and I will definitely be able to meet up with you too at the same time. Is this sufficient advance notice for you?! lolol

    Have a great weekend,


    By Blogger Belizegial, at Fri Sep 22, 08:52:00 PM PDT  

  • oooooh enid, i want to come in july too to hang out with you and willy.


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Sat Sep 23, 12:44:00 AM PDT  

  • I thought I had posted a note about 30 minutes's not time right now but I'll be back...

    By Blogger willemina, at Sat Sep 23, 04:44:00 PM PDT  

  • Sunglasses, shorts..tans..Sunshine.....WOW!!!

    Great picture!!!

    Just put the Orange Cranberry Scones in the Freezer..they'll keep!! :) I have to go "Cast some spells tonite"


    Peg-The Good Witch from the Midwest

    By Blogger Pennys from Heaven, at Sat Sep 23, 05:55:00 PM PDT  

  • Leslie
    It was great seeing Linda again and to think we almost missed each other! She had passed through Paso Robles about 10 minutes before I got home to get her telephone message...I called her and she was willing to come back this way and we met up...where there's a will...there's a way...I'm so glad it worked out that way.

    Hi Neva...I just visited your blog and love the new pictures...Hawaii is absolutely mentioned moving...where to? Please stay long enough for me to visit you in Maui :)

    YES! YES! YES! July it is!!! Just let me know what what day works best for you and I'll drive down and spend a day and or evening there with you. I would love to meet you finally...and it looks like Sylvia wants to come too...anyone else interested? We'll keep you posted and yes Enid, you gave me plenty of notice on this one :) thanx

    Okay ladies...I have fresh orange cranberry scones, a raspberry almond tart and an assortment of fine teas from all over the world.
    One of my favorites is Harrod's blend #49 (I have a friend who travels to London regularly and she brings this tea back for me)...I also have PG Tips (another great tea from London),earl grey, english breakfast, darjeerling, oolong, chai, red tea, green tea, Celestial Seasonings herbal teas, and of course my personal favorite...Lipton

    I'll be in San Luis Obispo most of the day tomorrow but will check in before I leave at 10:30 Pacific time so I just may get to have a cup of tea with some of you before I leave...I'll leave the kettle on low so you can help yourself...and don't forget the scones and tart...Sylvia, I bought an apricot almond tart just for you today since you are allergic to raspberries :) enjoy!

    Peg great picture!

    By Blogger willemina, at Sat Sep 23, 10:05:00 PM PDT  

  • I've had my tea already and the tarts are yourselves to the goodies...I'm leaving now but will check in when I return this evening...
    *poof* as peg would say :)

    By Blogger willemina, at Sun Sep 24, 10:44:00 AM PDT  

  • Hi Willy

    So sorry I am late...I had to Restring my Straw

    My broom has been spitting and sputtering today.....But, here I am...just enough time to grab an Orange Scone and "Be Gone"!! If I spilled any Lipton on the sorry...

    Chug-Chug This darn broom.......

    Not to Frite
    I'll be back
    On All Hallows Nite

    Bun-Bun does not like to be alone after dark.


    By Blogger Pennys from Heaven, at Sun Sep 24, 04:03:00 PM PDT  

  • Willie, what a gorgeous picture. You look like a couple of movie stars.



    By Blogger Josie, at Sun Sep 24, 04:10:00 PM PDT  

  • Peg
    So glad you stopped spills here...sorry I missed you.
    Hi Josie
    Movie stars??? I don't think so but that was sweet of you to say anyway :) I hope you helped yourself to some tea and scones this afternoon...
    Where oh where is Sylvia?
    I'm going to sleep early as it's been a very busy weekend for me...

    By Blogger willemina, at Sun Sep 24, 08:19:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi Willy, just popping in to see how your day in SLO went. Hope it was great. It's SO hot here right now - the last few days are in the mid-70s and it's not cooling down at night. I'd already put all my patio furniture away for the winter but thankfully still have a couple of fans out. And they're on full force tonight!

    By Blogger leslie, at Mon Sep 25, 08:51:00 PM PDT  

  • Hi Leslie
    I had a wonderful day in SLO thanks...I watched my daughter Lisa play soccer...the weather was perfect...not too warm and not too cold...sunny and clear. After the game we went out for lunch at Big of my favorite places in SLO...then I figured since I was in town, I may as well go to Costco and Trader Joe's and stock up on all my favorite things. By the time I got home it was 5pm and my weekend was almost over :(

    I was just watching the news and saw that Paris Hilton was arrested for a DUI while on her way to an In N' Out Burger...It's a popular burger joint here in California.

    I picked my grandaughters up from school this afternoon and let them play on my puter for a while...they love Disney we went to soccer practice. I just got home a little bit ago...I'm going to take a long hot bubble bath and I'll check back in later before I go to sleep...that is if I don't fall asleep on the couch :)

    By Blogger willemina, at Tue Sep 26, 06:51:00 PM PDT  

  • Willy,

    You look so different from you picture of you in that beautiful blue dress.

    I just read my blog first time in months. Thought I might try to get it together.

    I appreciate you offer of help and you may be hearing from me soon. I am one of those that wants to learn, so when time allows I will try.

    I have been running back and forth to LA, Calif for my mom, so not much time to figure this out with a new house, husband and all that goes with that. Love it, but I forgot how much work it is LOL

    I am trying to plant my yard. Everyone her has cactus and I only have one, that came with the house. I am trying to plant things that only bloom-hard to do here.

    I am from Washingtom State and miss the big beautiful yards and plants. Use to have flowers all the time. Now I feel like I live in a remote place where they ship in the flowers. Kind of like when we lived on Guam and they ship in the milk on Thursday-that was such a big deal :)

    Hope to meet you someday soon,


    By Blogger Marty, at Wed Sep 27, 05:09:00 AM PDT  

  • hi willy,

    thanks for the tea and apricot almond tart. it was delicious, yummy! i love different teas, but my favorite is lipton also. i buy decaf though, but i will drink whatever other people have.

    i've been pretty much on the go the last few days. one of my neighbors died (32 yrs old with a 9-yr old son) and another neighbor, who was close to her, is really taking it hard. i've been with her and the funeral is tomorrow so i'm going because i'll have to drive if she's too upset.

    i saw where you don't put whites in the dryer. why is that? does the heat from the dryer do something to dull the white?

    i've been reading along even though i haven't done a lot of posting. trying to catch up a bit tonite and leave comments on different blogs. have a great day tomorrow.


    By Blogger HeiressChild, at Wed Sep 27, 10:20:00 PM PDT  

  • Hey!!
    So I see no tea party today, eh?
    Sorry about last week, had so much on my plate to do with visitors and everything else. The next time you make an invite, though, I will be sure to attend. Happy Sunday!

    By Blogger Belizegial, at Sun Oct 01, 07:45:00 PM PDT  

  • Hello Willy

    An official invitation for you to come on over to take a virtual tour of Belize City. Let me know what you think, eh?

    "A whole lotta shakin" going on over at "My House". Thirsty Thursday anyone? LOL


    By Blogger Belizegial, at Wed Oct 04, 10:55:00 PM PDT  

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